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While Salt Therapy as an industry is in its early stages of growth in North America the salt therapy business is growing significantly. At HaloSpa USA, we help individuals and existing businesses get in and ahead of the trend.

Our Services & Products

Halotherapy Equipment - HaloSpa USA
Halotherapy Equipment: We are a designated distributor of Aeromed-Halomed Group a leading research, development, and manufacturer of halo generators. In addition to salt room generators, our experts help to select the perfect salt beds, salt tables, salt chairs, salt booths, salt walls, panels and tiles for your room.
Consulting - HaloSpa USA
Salt Room Consulting: With over 7-years of experience in the Spa Industry, our team knows the ins and outs of what it takes to build a thriving halotherapy business. Schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation.
Construction - HaloSpa USA
Salt Room Construction: A highly efficient and operational salt room requires a well-planned strategy and design with the right factors in place. This includes the size & dimension, aesthetics, equipment, exterior climate, and budget.
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Consulting - HaloSpa USA

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Why Is Halotherapy So Important

Halotherapy is Used For:

■ Treatment of pathologies of lungs, respiratory tract, and skin as well as disease prevention.
■ Respiratory tract hygiene.
■ Prevention of viral infectious diseases and colds.
■ Allergic disease prevention.
■ Treatment and prevention of skin diseases.
■ Tension and stress relief.

Halotherapy is Effective for Those Who:

■ Suffer from chronic lung diseases, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, pneumonia, and mucoviscidosis.
■ Suffer from respiratory allergies, such as pollinosis (hay fever), allergic rhinitis, and others.
■ Often suffer from rhinitis, sinusitis, and pharyngitis, have hypertrophic adenoids, and suffer from other otolaryngologic pathologies.

Halotherapy is Effective In:

■ Prevention and treatment of acute viral respiratory infections;
■ Cleansing the respiratory tract from atmospheric pollution, tobacco smoke; preventive hygiene;
■ Prevention and treatment of skin diseases - acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, and others;
■ Treatment of cardiovascular diseases (along with lung diseases);
■ Harmonization of the vegetative nervous system;
■ Strengthening the immune system;
■ Improving mental and emotional state.

Effective salt therapy starts with the right equipment!

Salt therapy requires a device called a halogenerator which grinds salt into microscopic particles and then disperses them into a room where people relax and inhale normally. In children's salt rooms, there’s the same relaxation, but it’s often accompanied by a buzz of activity!

Salt rooms require special ventilation to promote effective, uniform dispersion of dry salt aerosol (the mixture of salt particles and air) throughout the salt room. With every breath, these tiny flecks of salt enter the airways of salt room visitors, providing relief for people with many common respiratory and skin ailments.

HaloSpa USA distributes salt therapy equipment in North America that provides Controlled Halotherapy. The difference between Controlled Halotherapy and unregulated salt therapy is that Halomed halogenerators strictly control the level of salt in the air, and the salt particles they produce are optimally sized for the greatest relief of breathing and skin ailments. Also, they support a uniform dispersion of dry salt aerosol throughout the salt room. That’s because Halomed’s integrated sensoring system also alerts you to salt room ventilation problems that, if not resolved, will affect the quality of salt therapy delivered to your customers.
HaloSpa USA - Salt Room Halogenerators and Consulting

Safe and Effective Salt Therapy

Real-Time Controlled Salt Room Atmosphere

Consistent, Reliable Quality Built In

The Benefits of Adding a Salt Room to Your Business


The key advantage of the Halomed salt room is that it actually works providing quality-of-life benefits of Controlled Halotherapy to the visitors.


Supplying a steadily trending service of salt therapy to a wide range of clients interested in natural approaches to health improvement.


A feasible complementary service that provides additional income through retail sales of related salt and health-care products, including salt body scrubs, salt soaps, salt spices, salt lamps, teas.

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Effective Salt Therapy starts with the right equipment!
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