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The benefits and awareness of halotherapy or salt rooms is growing rapidly and as a result, MedSpas, Gyms, Health Practitioners, and Entrepreneurs are expanding their practices or joining in on the trend.

HaloSpa USA, works with entrepreneurs and veteran businesses to provide consultative services. Whether looking to establish a new salt therapy business or to expand on an existing business, our years of experience gives you the leading edge to get your halotherapy business up and running quicker, which means more business faster.

7 Years Industry Experience!

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Our consulting services include, how to:

Open a profitable salt therapy business.
Salt room building consultation services.
Salt room design
Business development.
Equipment selection and product procurement
Installation, set-up and project management
Marketing program and treatment development
We also provide complete salt room and halotherapy construction services.

To discuss the benefits of adding a Salt Room to your business,  call Glen Mitchel at (888) HALO-SPA (888-425-6772) 

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Unlimited Space

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Reasonable appearance companions oh by remarkably.

Easy Plan Customizing

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Rapidly Launch

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Effective Salt Therapy starts with the right equipment!
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